Canopy Roof

Canopy roof after

Canopy roof before

This 1920's condominium building in the Uptown area had a canopy roof that was rotten and damaged. The situation had been aggravated by some amateurish repairs in the past. Throwing a layer of plywood over rotten wood just doesn't fix the underlying problem, and in this case, the "solution" was as bad as the problem. The exterior was torn out down to the framing and the original historic appearance brought back.

Bungalow Exterior Makeover

Highland Park Bungalow Exterior

Highland Park Bungalow, Before
Highland Park Bungalow, Before
Highland Park Bungalow, After, Side View
Highland Park Bungalow, After, Front

A customer contacted me from my ad in the Twin Cities Bungalow Club newsletter about doing an exterior rehab on a bungalow in Highland Park. This was a very exciting project because the owners wanted to do a complete exterior makeover to bring the house back to it's original glory. Like many early 20th century homes, this one had much of it's architectural details obscured by cheap low maintenance exterior cladding. There was aluminum siding on the upper half story, and the stucco below had been painted.

Two Story Porch

Two Story Porch Project

Two Story Porch, Before
Two Story Porch During
Two Story Porch

This was a large project to rebuild a two story porch on a late 19th century multi-family building. This building had been converted to Condominiums in the 1980's, and the workmanship was pretty low quality. We renovated a bathroom in one of the units and that led to rebuilding the front porch. It's hard to tell from the "before" photo, but the porch was in a dire state of repair. The roof had been leaking for a while. Two of the columns were completely rotted away, nothing was holding up the porch but the stucco cladding. The porch floors were one one barbecue away from collapsing.

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